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. >>> meanwhile excitement is building for tomorrow's big nfc championship game between the 49ers and atlanta falcons. here is a live look at san francisco city hall. it's all the lilt up in red and gold in honor of the niner's playoff run. joe fonzi is in atlanta, but we again with debora villalon live in san francisco. debora. >> reporter: ken, on the eve of this crucial game, fans are following their own playbooks and getting ready. we caught up with grace gonzalez at her neighborhood grocery store, no interference, shopping for her party tomorrow, hitting beers and sodas first a few dozen friends coming over. >> that is what we did last week. it's it's part 2. >> reporter: what to serve for a noon game? punt cake, a bunt cakes are popular. >> the first time we sold the cinnamon swirl and that is a great breakfast kind of cake. you can have cake at noon. it's allowed. >> we have napkins. >> reporter: party stores are having trouble with coverage. 49er's decor is gone as soon as it goes on the shelves. this manager is a die-hard fan and like his shoppers, doesn't want the air to go out o
. >> fans catch the 49ers last practice before heading to atlanta. why time is an ally for their star quarter back >> the bay area is in the clear tonight. the warmest day of the holiday weekend and when shower chances resurface on the five day forecast [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>> an accident ended with a truck down a ditch and the driver in the hospital. for some reason the driver went off the road just after 9:00 a.m. and the vehicle overturned. no other vehicles were involved. we're told the driver suffered moderate injuries. the state health department announced another flu death. this one as the flu continues to surge. the health and science editor today spoke with the top flu exbert about vaccine supplies. >> the flu is hitting the bay area hard. >> fever, sweating, cough, sinus problems. >> the state today upg
the team is expected to arrive in just about an hour from now. they left atlanta shortly after their victory. the players will have just a few days to enjoy this win and then it is back to business preparing for the super bowl in two weeks. >>> niner fans made sure their team fell right at home back in georgia. many 49er fans made the trek to atlanta for today's game and offered their support from the stands. but bay area fans weren't the only ones stressed out. some new orleans fans were also wearing red and gold as a way to root against their rivals also note the fans of the saints as the dirty birds. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement about the big victory today he said quote all of san francisco will be rooting for the red and gold as the 49ers continue their quest for six. congratulations to all of the players, coach harbaugh and the york family and the entire 49ers coaching team and staff. he also urged fans to celebrate respectfully and peacefully. >>> so it'll be a harbaugh super bowl. the super bowl is set two weeks from today. that's sunday february 3rd
. >> reporter: people kaeprenicking is taking off. as the 49ers head next to atlanta, collin keeps running all over opponents. >> he do it like he's kissing his arm but just put it out there like that. as long as he's doing it he keeps going and they keep winning. deborah villalon, ktvu news. >>> kaepnicking continues. >>> well dozens of people consider can kicked out. 92 people were ejected from the stadium for inappropriate behavior. 62 were taken to the medical clinic. authorities didn't release any details on those fans. 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. two were arrested on suspicion of dui following the game and another two were air -- arrested on suspicion of auto burglary. >>> coming up a little later in sports wrap our joe fonzi breaks down tonight's wild falcons-seahawks game. >>> for more on the 49ers super bowl quest be sure to go ktvu.com and click on the nfl play off. there you will find a slide show from yesterday's great game against the packers plus more on the kaepernicking craze. >>> and it's finally hockey season again. >> reporter: if we only gave you a clo
who ran for 181 yards today a record. te play atlanta right here on sunday on fox 2. >> he just elevated himself in the national football league. >> forget rg3 and forget cam newton. forget michael vick. this is a guy ho is setting a new paradigm as a quarterback. how you run that read option and he strong. he is fast. and he is something to watch. >> sure is. >> thank you, fred. >>> thank you, fred, bart today decided to delay maintenance work this evening that would have caused major delays for fans heading to and from the niners game. a spokesperson says the work was uptowned from 8:00 to start at 10:00 tonight. to accommodate all the increase in passengers. riders who use bart after 10:00 tonight may experience some delays and some you may need to transfer trains to reach your destination. >> i hope it's a game changer. >>> coming up a little bit later at 10:30, protecting players on the gridiron. the pioneering study being done at stanford that aims to unlock the mystery behind concussion. >>> another live report on the 49ers coming up at 10:30, but right now we want to
ers today in atlanta ready to play the game on sunday. >> reporter: we found these 49er fans at momo's they told us they want more details before they jump to any conclusions. >> i think that's terrible. i can't believe that he's actually being accused. >> shocked. i mean it's so new so the details have to come out and you have to figure it out later. but hopefully they take the win, they take the win and we'll go after that. >> innocent until proven guilty. i think it's a distraction merely for the fact that it's a distraction and that we have a big game coming up and they just want to distract us. >> too many times in the past. people try and take advantage of people in the limelight and celebrities by accusing them. >> reporter: we just got this video within the past hour of the 49er team bus arriving in the atlanta area. crabtree is expected to play in sunday's nfc championship game. police say once the investigation is completed the case will be turned over to the das office. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now 49ers general mann
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on the practice field today for sunday's big nfc championship against the atlanta falcons. the fans are gearing up too. >> reporter: the 49er faithful called and stopped by the 49er team store today looking for the perfect way to gear up for this weekend's play off game against the atlanta falcons. >> i love it. >> reporter: alex hutchinson are hoping for a sunday win. >> i'm so excited. >> we're going to have a really big day. >>> in the locker room, davis said the game could come down to one key play at the right time. >> it just takes one. it just takes one. and that's what i enjoy about this game. once you get that one catch and ár in a big game you know it's all downhill after that -- catch in a big game you know it's all downhill after that. >> i think they're doing a good -- job. jim harbaugh is pointing them in the right direction. >> we'll do what we do and i speak for myself. pack a toothbrush and a good attitude and get ready for a big game. >> reporter: the coach not giving away anything on a strategy for this game. >>> the mayor of santa clara the future home of the 49ers is waging a
will make the difference of the tomorrow, the team gets on a plane to & heads to atlanta. >> kicu's point after show follows the games. >> there are more questions around manti te'o. the 20-year-old mine backer says he was duped into believing that his online girlfriend died of cancer when tonight she never existed. he talked about the romance even after it was discovered it was a hoax. >> reacting to the news that te'o has been caught up in an elaborate lie. he's been portrayed of someone who over came tragedy. helping the irish after losing his grandmother and his girlfriend on the same day last september. now we know that story is not entirely true. >> when you looked at the mortuary, the where the ap reported she'd been buried, nobody by that name was buried there. while his grandmother passed away, his girlfriend did not. someone developed an online relationship through the internet and conspired to others to lead him to believe she had died of leukemia. >>> pain and grief and affection was real. that's the nature of this sad, cruel game. >> te'o, who says the whole ordeal is embarra
shot by a lapel cam from a security guard outside of this mall in downtown atlanta. you'll hear a child scream. >> hey! >> first you hear the screams of the child and then you hear the security guard wearing the lapel cam say, hey! >> i'm [ bleep ], his -- mouth. >> these women are upset about this security guard yelling at the children. using some very choice words. >> you mother [ bleep ] don't you [ bleep ]. >> don't yellality alitalit aa >> you can hear the security guard say, back it up, more than once and watch the effect it has on the children. >> you better [ bleep ], and [ bleep ]. >> and then you start seeing the children yelling, back at the security guard. >> back, back. >> once the security guard walks inside to gelt away from the alter cake you see the children follow him inside. >> that's my [ bleep ]. >> that's not teaching them anyway to conduct in society. >> the kids are about to get affected in a completely different way. the women get back in the security guard's face -- >> and [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> you better back it up! >> and then suddenly things get physic
inside of a kohl's store caught a pretty despicable act. we got this story from wfb-tv in atlanta. >> you see this woman in the black coat. you see her notice something on the ground, and pick it up. what she found -- >> was a wallet. >> inside that wallet was $100 in cash and up to $300 in gift cards. you would think she has what we think are her children with her. you think she would say here's a chance to teach my children something. let's go turn the wallet in. >> a teachable moment. >> instead what wep seep is the woman doling out the cash and gift cards to the two young boys. this wallet belongs to a man named joseph smith, and his wife lillian. they were out on new year's day shopping with their newborn child. when he went to fold up the stroller, his wallet fell out. when he realized what happened he called the kohl's store, they offered limb the surveillance video. he wanted to be sure the surveillance video got out there in case someone recognized this woman. they talked to joseph. >> never imagined taking my son out and saying, hey, i found a wallet. let's keep what's in it. th
's nfc championship game against the atlanta falcons. hot item right now? no. 7 colin kaepernick jersey. they've already sold out. >>> california's recent cold spell is packing a pump for farmers. coming up the battle now pitch to save crops not too far from the bay area. >>> and bundle up for another night of chilly weather. meteorologist rosemary orozco tells us what time frost and freeze advisories go into effect. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . >>> cold temperatures across california are causing some damage to some of our state's
the green bay packers. atlanta is nolan's third stop since he was fired by the 49ers in 2008. he thinks he has faced a team just like kaepernick's. >> has he great open open field speed. he's illusive like the other guys but he's a bigger target. i see the same thing you see as far as having the ability to not only run but to throw and command the offense as well as he has. i think he uses the weapons really well. and he's a chore. he's a game wrecker as we would call him. >> another of the nfl seven coaching vacancies has been filled with the denver broncos bounced from the play offs. their offensive coordinator coy is free to take the job of the chargers. he is known with a friendly coach having worked with tebow and manning in denver. >>> they're slugging through the early rounds of the tennis tournament of the year. the australian open. roger federer is the tournament's number two seed. this is federer in the far court in the opening match against perrer of france. we go to near court, other first round winners included the winners of the first round seed. >>> incredible run continues
atlanta. let's go down there, take care of business, and try to get to the big one and one that one. it definitely has a different feel in the locker room, this year opposed to last year. >>> chip kelly is now former oregon coach, chip kelly. kelly today agreed to coach the philadelphia eagles, ten days after saying he was staying at oregon. kelly was also reported to be the new coach of the cleveland browns. now he's set to be introduced in philly. here's one that will make bay area fans smile. marc trestman, the new coach of the chicago bears. unceremoniously dumped as the 49ers offensive coordinate in 1996. one final
of bowl games on this new year's eve included the chick-fil-a bowl in atlanta. clemson trailed lsu by two, and had a 4th and 16 on its own 14- yard line, with 1:22 left. throwing down the middle. deandre hopkins makes a sliding catch. the 26-yard play keeps the drive alive. the tigers move to the 20-yard line and in field goal range. clemson comes from 11 points down, and wins 25-24, wrapping up an 11-2 season. >>> usc without matt barkley in the sun bowl against georgia tech. golden does this. the yellow jackets took it in from there. georgia tech wins 21-7. the team many picked to win the national championship at the beginning of the year ends up 7- 6. >>> tulsa handles iowa state in the liberty bowl, and stanford playing tomorrow against wisconsin in
that the boy may be trying to get to his father who lives in atlanta. >>> the, -- the fbi has spent a second day excavating in a well. this search may be just the beginning. bounty hunters say there are many other well sites near by where the killers likely buried their victims. here is a closer look now at the area in the town of linden where the digging is happening. a search of a well near a farmhouse turned up human bones last year. the new well current by being dug up is just down the road. >>> thieves have broken into the oakland museum of california making off with valuable historic artifacts. the museum says a era gold box was stolen. back in november thieves also broke into the museum and made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. the museum has issued a press conference tomorrow to discuss the items stolen and also offer a reward. >>> the new board was sworn in and convened for the first time. two new members are joining nine returns board members. the ceremony set the stage for a vote on board president to serve for the next two years. >> i would like to nominate supervisor k
. the seahawks win 24-14. they will be in atlanta for the second round of the play offs. griffin is left to wonder what if he had been healthy in this one but still what would appear to be a bright future ahead. >> my teammates needed me out there so i was out there for them. when it comes to the impact of the injury i'm not sure what it is. we'll figure that out here in the next few days but you know whatever it is i will make sure i come back healthy from it. >> another team that would seem to have a healthy future is the colts. after winning two games in the play offseason after last season was an accomplishment. >>> and they were also led by a great player. the dance moves are one thing but could he do the same on the field. had 18 tackles, nine of them solo. christianson had to take over as coordinator. andrew luck was sacked three times. kruger had 2-1/2 of those sacks. ravens making it a two possession game. then the fourth quarter after the colts had cut the deficit to 17-9. flacco fires to the end zone where bolden outmuscles the defender. that's an 18-yard play. had his pass t
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